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Super TitaniumTM

Super TitaniumTM

Strong. Beautiful. Comfortable.

What is the ideal material for a watch?
In 1970, CITIZEN unveiled the world's first titanium watch.
From there, we went on to develop Super TitaniumTM.
By processing solid titanium and applying Duratect, our proprietary surface-hardening technology,
we created a material five times harder than stainless steel.
Super TitaniumTM: light, gentle on the skin, scratch- and rust-resistant.
And we won't stop now.
We'll keep exploring ways to make your watch more comfortable.


Scratch resistant means
freedom of movement

There's nothing sadder than scratching a watch you've only just bought. Super TitaniumTM is produced by treating solid titanium with our proprietary surface-hardening technology, Duratect, to achieve a level of hardness over five times that of stainless steel. Now you can keep your watch pristine and free from nicks and scratches.

Scratch comparison test by CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD.

for better comfort

A watch is something you wear all day, so the lighter it is, the better. Super TitaniumTM is around half the weight of stainless steel, making it very comfortable on the wrist. Whether you're working, doing the housework or just having fun, its lightness will make life that much easier.

* Super TitaniumTM is 40% lighter than stainless steel.

Comparison between the same series made of stainless steel and Super TitaniumTM

Gentle on the skin.
Good for everyone

Solid titanium is naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. Processing, however, often undermines the metal's hypoallergenic properties. In the case of Super TitaniumTM, application of CITIZEN's surface-hardening technology Duratect solves this problem and guards against nickel and metal allergies. That's good news for people with allergies—and for people with partners or family members with allergies. Everyone can wear a Super TitaniumTM watch with total confidence.

* Some models are not metal- or nickel-allergy resistant. Consult the catalogue for specific model details.

Resistant to rust.
Open to activity

Super TitaniumTM is highly resistant to corrosion from salt water. Thanks to its rust-resistance, you can keep your watch on in all sorts of situations, confident that it will keep its brilliant finish.

* The pins used in the band may tarnish. CITIZEN recommends regular cleaning.

Super TitaniumTM Technology

Titanium-processing technologies

Super TitaniumTM is made from solid titanium. While solid titanium has excellent hypoallergenic properties, its softness makes it particularly difficult to process. At CITIZEN, we applied our mastery of processing to develop unique technologies that overcome the challenges posed by solid titanium.

Solid titanium is an active metal which reacts easily with oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, etc. That makes it difficult to press into shape because it is prone to galling in the mold. (Galling is a form of wear caused by adhesion between sliding surfaces.) At CITIZEN, we apply a very high level of heat to the titanium. This reduces its deformation resistance and makes it possible to press it into a variety of shapes.
Solid titanium is quick to react to the oxygen in the atmosphere. As a result, when it is being machined, the filings tend to adhere to the cutting edges of the tool. The resulting friction wears out drills and makes stabilising the bore diameter very difficult. At CITIZEN, we tested a wide range of cutting fluids, lubricants and machining speeds. Once we found the optimum combination of the three, we were able to process the titanium in a stable fashion.
One characteristic of titanium is that, while the outer part (where the crystallites interlock) is hard, the central part is soft. If you just polished titanium in the normal way, only the central part would be shaved away producing a so-called "orange peel" effect. That was why achieving a beautiful and flat mirror finish was so difficult. At CITIZEN, our response was to experiment with every possible combination of buff polishing materials and abrasive until we managed to develop our own special polishing method. We top this off with Sallaz polishing performed by one of our expert craftspeople. This combination of processes enables us to achieve a beautiful mirror finish. Only CITIZEN has the know-how and technology to polish titanium to such a beautiful sheen.

Duratect, CITIZEN's proprietary surface-hardening technology

Duratect is CITIZEN's proprietary technology for hardening the surfaces of watch parts. The human arm is the part of the body we move most. As such, watches are most exposed to the risk of being scratched or bumped. We want your watch to stay pristine and beautiful for as long as possible. That was the thinking behind the birth of Duratect.

The Super TitaniumTM Story


Making a watch
from space-age material

In the 1960s, the whole world was excited about the Apollo Program, the first manned mission to the moon. Light, strong and resistant to rust, titanium's profile rose along with the perception of it as a new metal for spacecraft applications. CITIZEN began research into titanium as a material, convinced that its properties could be leveraged to produce the perfect material for watchcases.

The world's first titanium watch

CITIZEN released the X-8 Cosmotron Chronometer, the world's first-ever watch with a solid titanium case, in 1970, after overcoming various problems of titanium processing. The name is a combination of "X," representing the unknown, with "8," which evokes the infinity symbol. It expresses the boundless possibilities of titanium, a relatively unknown material at the time.


Titanium for the many, not the few

From research, CITIZEN discovered that titanium had many merits as a material for making the watches we wear.
One of those merits was the metal's hypoallergenic properties. In fact, CITIZEN was the first company to spot the benefits of titanium's hypoallergenic properties, and we teamed up with a group of dermatologists specialising in metal allergy to test how patients responded to solid titanium watches.
In 1987, seventeen long years of research after the launch of the X-8 Cosmotron Chronometer, our efforts to create a watch that was gentle on the skin came to fruition with the launch of ATTESA. We had made a giant leap towards a world where everyone, with or without allergies, could safely wear a watch.


Titanium diver's watch
with the world's highest*
water pressure resistance
to the depth of 1,300 meters
* At the time of release in 1982


All-titanium metal-allergy
resistant watch


titanium watch


Titanium watch treated
with Duratect


Titanium watch treated
with Duratect DLC/MRK

CITIZEN defining the future

"Let's try to make a watch from an almost unknown material" —That was the thinking that first inspired us to research titanium. And we're still pushing the envelope today with Super TitaniumTM, a CITIZEN proprietary material derived from our titanium-processing technologies and Duratect surface-hardening technology. As our titanium-processing technology progresses, we can offer a wider range of designs; and as our surface-hardening technology, Duratect, evolves, we can develop even more scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic models.
We look forward to a future where everyone can slip their watch on confident that it will feel safe and comfortable.
The challenge goes on.

* Some models are no longer in production or are not available in certain countries.